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Transbordeur, Lyon - 18H00 - COMPLET

La SAS Concerts, en accord avec Live Nation France, présente :

► + Amaranthe
► + Kissin Dynamite
► Lundi 28 janvier 2019 à 18H00 – Le Transbordeur


Sin will be released via Napalm Records: a catchy and intense album – furious, epic, heavy and wolfish! POWERWOLF stay true to themselves and their unique style on their seventh disc. The Sacrament Of Sin holds more than a dozen Metal psalms, presenting an album that goes straight to your ears with its catchy hooklines and catchy choruses. At the same time, The Sacrament Of Sin bears witness to its compositional sophistication and untamed wolfish savagery!

Speaking of « wolfish »: The musical style is not the only aspect of POWERWOLF that makes them truly unique. From the beginning, the band have presented strong content and visual concepts that are the perfect complement to their music. It starts with the lyrics, spiced with puns, and goes on to the striking artwork and lavish, opulent stage show, and of course includes the suitably gloomy presentation of all band members.
POWERWOLF convince not only on record, but also on stage, where they turn out to be true masters of entertainment, celebrating a huge metal party with their fans every time they perform. POWERWOLF not only rely on their great songs, they hold a true metal show and play skillfully with religious / spiritualistic elements. The light show, as well as the sacral stage sets, provide the appropriate festive mood, and without the compulsory blessing of front priest Attila, the band will not let any of their metal disciples home.


► Kissin Dynamite :

► Amaranthe :

3 Boulevard de Stalingrad,
69100 Villeurbanne

► Ouverture des portes : 18H00

► Début des concerts : 18H40

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Kissin Dynamite & Amaranthe